YCECT  - York County Emergency Communication Team

The York County Emergency Communication Team is made up of volunteers that have a sincere desire to serve their community in the event of an emergency.  The team is led by emergency management volunteers who are affiliated with and directed by the York County Emergency Management Agency.  We are not affiliated with ARES or any club. Our mission is to serve our county, our towns, and our communities withing York County.

We welcome any licensed amateur radio operator with a sincere desire to serve his or her community during a time of need to volunteer to become a part of the team.  We are an all-inclusive team regardless of political, racial, religious, or lifestyle differences.  A productive, positive, and impartial attitude creates an atmosphere of mentorship and acceptance.  A willingness to learn from one another and from our missteps without fear of judgment or criticism is paramount to success. In other words. . . the values that foster a team. 

Our purpose, our mission, is to be prepared to provide emergency communication for the YCEMA and their partners in time of need.  We train and encourage one another in basic to advanced amateur radio techniques so that we are prepared to keep the lines of communication open when other technologies fail or are overwhelmed.  

For more information contact: 

Neil K1NBT - k1nbt@yahoo.com

An opportunity to put your amateur radio skills to valuable use!

Sponsored by YCEMA - 149 Jordan Springs Rd , Alfred, US 04002

Dave KB1HUU drfrancoeur@yorkcountymaine.gov